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The excessive ammount of ones and lack of proper capitalization point toward it being a troll... however... What the bloody heck? Who s...

by Adorael

Again, you have made amazing art. For the upper panels of Jinx, I like that you showed the progress and I can tell you put a lot of eff...

by Adorael

Again, another amazing piece of work that inspires me to draw more. Its very nice and I can tell you payed attention to detail a lot. W...

by Adorael

I can honestly say that I see nothing wrong with this right off the bat, but if I actually look for something for a long time, I would ...



This is a new character I've made. Her name is Daniel. As you can see.
This is the lower resolution version of this drawing, if requested, I'll post the larger resolution.
I had fun drawing her, but as you can see, got a bit lazy with the shading and lighting when it came to her hair.
She's VERY loosely based off myself appearance wise, and really, it's just skin color, ear type, and hair shape.
But yeh. Had fun with this one I did.
Work In Progress
Just something I've started drawing.
It's not finished yet, and I've already worked past this part, but I just wanted to show you the before to the after.
Hey! Sorry for my inactivity as of late. I've been stuck on a massive artblock, but I'm getting out of it.
When I start submitting again, I'll mostly be doing side profiles since I'm most comfortable with them.
Just an update!
Thanks for your time!
Gingerly Smile
So, I decided to draw Marcus more happy for once since I never draw him happy.
Lil' blind bab.
This a lower resolution, smaller version of the original. If anyone wants to see the full original, then I'll upload that as well.
Marcus belongs to me.
And I love the shy lil' bab.
(Credit to Kate-Fox for the pose. I can't pose right now so I needed a reference.)
Edit: I changed the lighting.
Why am I even taking this.


[ ] You have green/blue eyes (How does this make one cute?)

[ ] You have freckles (Again... How.)

[ ] You blush a lot 

[/] You giggle (I don't giggle, I laugh explosively, but I'll count it.)

[/] You're quiet 

[X] You say random things 

[/] You have a baby face (Me face is between baby-faced and pre-pubescent-boy.)

[ ] You wear more "down-to-earth" kind of clothing (Meaniiingggg....?)


Total: 3.5


[X] You're a virgin (Um.)

[ ] Just thinking of sexual things make you blush (What?)

[ ] Your idea of a date is really romantic (I lack romanticism.)

[X] You sleep with a stuffed animal. (Alright alright. You got me on this one. I just don't have the heart to get rid of them.)

[/] You like to cuddle (Depends but I'll count half.)

[ ] You never played the nervous game (The what now?)

[X] You don't even now what the nervous game is. (Yeh)

Total: 3.5


[ ] You like the color pink 

[ ] You tend to wear light colors (Meh.)

[X] You CAN be ignorant (Can be, have been.)

[ ] You consider yourself shy (I consider myself anti-social. And socially awkward.)

[/] You like happy, upbeat music (Anything that's not Rap or Country.)

[/] You like "cutesy" music (Does Wintergatan count?)

[ ] You like small animals (I like all animals)

[ ] You like babies a lot (I loathe them. Loud messy poop butts.)

[ ] Mini version of things make you go nuts (Not really, I'm allergic to nuts.)

Total: 2

Add up your scores.

Grand Total: 9

Now take your number and multiple it by 5

New Total: 45%

Then re-post this as "I'm _____ Cute"

I have been told that my hiccups are 'cute'. I squeak okay... my throat just closes.

I TAG: :iconmetraxs:

Honestly that's all I'm tagging. I know how much he loves these.
And that he might actually do it.


Bust Drawings
Requests for any characters, I can do side profiles, or front profiles.
I'll just need a reference of whoever you want me to draw. (I would prefer if it is not an actual person since I'm not the best at drawing real people.)

I can do it for free, the 10 points are just an optional thing.


isaisapeeka's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Another update! Woo!
I am an aspiring artist and writer. As of now, I have over 100 characters that I've made, and as of now, I have over six stories that I'm trying to write at the moment. (None of them are even close to being done.)
I am the youngest sister to :iconsaratodd: who is very talented and over all a lovely human being.
I draw as a hobby, and work with both digital and traditional art.


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